TEOTW 2005

Galway and the West Coast

A whole lotta shakin' going' on.JPG

Barkers whips it.JPG

Bromley Golf World pose.JPG



Can you spot the fake smile.JPG

Canice Pendulum O'Rourke.JPG

Connemara Green.JPG

Daley's over-extension.JPG

Dreeco misses his flight.JPG

Evening Shadows at Connemara.JPG

Eyes on the ball.JPG

Five fresh faced golfers.JPG

Galway Bay, Gotham City.JPG

George at New Course 1.JPG

George checks PK's line.JPG

George prepares for his drive.JPG

George recovers from a rare weak tee shot.JPG

George searching for his pencil lighter.JPG

George's 3rd.JPG

Grinder on the Green.JPG

I'll put you down for a birdie.JPG

JPK and Bromley admire PK drive.JPG

JPK happy when driving.JPG

JPK ponders a hollow.JPG


Mike's 2nd after a 300 yard drive.JPG


New Course 9th Green.JPG

Oh Dear.JPG

PK prepares to putt.JPG

Please mend your divot.JPG

That's better (1).JPG

That's better(2).JPG

The Buggie Brigade.JPG

The greens weren't good were they.JPG

The King of Wrist.JPG

The photographer receives his marching orders.JPG

This one goes out right.JPG

We're improving.JPG

Well we're ahead of time.JPG

Whip that shaft.JPG

You don't need a straight elbow to put it close.JPG

You need to stand a little closer to the ball, Brian.JPG